May 8, 2023 - Who Do We Want to Hire at Civalgo?

Recently, we conducted a series of interviews and welcomed new team members at Civalgo. Having reviewed the new candidates, I am enthusiastic about the potential of this new team and what we can achieve together. Throughout the hiring process, I considered the qualities that make a great candidate for Civalgo, someone who can contribute to a thriving business and help us reach our goals. I realized that selecting the ideal candidate based on their CV and an interview alone is quite difficult, as uncertainty always exists and there is no guarantee of choosing the right person.

It is essential for the company to ensure a return on investment (ROI) when doing the investment of hiring a new employee, and it is equally important for the employee to be placed in a position where they can succeed professionally. Today, I want to share and reflect upon the principles I strive to follow when making hiring decisions at Civalgo.

Civalgo Values

One of the key criteria we consider is whether the candidate aligns with the company's values that we collectively share and believe are important. This fosters a culture of like-minded individuals who are committed to achieving the same objectives, ensuring that everyone is moving in the same direction.

Our company values can be summarized under the following key principles:

Winning Together

  • We ensure mutual growth and support within our team.
  • We stand united, understanding that setbacks only pave the way for greater progress.
  • Learning and growth come from trying, failing, and rising again.
  • Instead of blaming others, we collectively reflect on areas of improvement.
  • We triumph and celebrate our successes together.
  • We acknowledge the impact of our work on other departments and avoid operating in silos.

No Mountain Too High

  • We are unafraid to set ambitious goals.
  • No barriers or obstacles can deter us from achieving our objectives.
  • We confidently strive for success.
  • Constant innovation and seeking new ways to help our clients succeed are our priorities.
  • We never settle for the status quo.

Get Shit Done

  • We make no excuses and consistently deliver high-quality work at a remarkable pace.
  • Our business operates like a well-oiled machine.
  • We work quickly and efficiently, always prioritizing our tasks.
  • We follow through on our ideas and remain committed to projects even when faced with challenges.
  • Instead of getting lost in endless discussions, we focus on action and execution.


  • We collaborate as a team while also being capable of working independently.
  • Minimal management is needed as we intuitively prioritize tasks and hold ourselves accountable.
  • We can work alone when necessary and make informed decisions.

Keep It Simple Stupid

  • We strive to achieve the simplest possible outcomes.
  • Our approach is concise and straightforward.
  • We avoid redundancy in communication and tasks.
  • We believe in simplifying complex concepts, adhering to the idea that if it cannot be explained to a six-year-old, it is not understood well enough.
  • We prioritize minimalism and efficiency in all aspects of our work.

Smart Creative

At Civalgo, the candidate we are looking for is what we call a "smart creative." These individuals possess a unique blend of technical expertise, hands-on experience, and business sense. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and are committed to delivering excellence in their work.

Smart creatives have a deep understanding of their users' needs and are often power users themselves, passionately engaged in their respective fields. They approach problem-solving with curiosity and open-mindedness, unafraid to fail and learn from their mistakes.

These candidates are self-directed, taking the initiative to drive projects forward, even when faced with challenges. They excel at collaboration, openly sharing ideas and knowledge with their peers while evaluating suggestions based on merit rather than their origin.

Although smart creatives may not possess every single attribute outlined here, they share a strong foundation in technical knowledge, creativity, and a hands-on approach. These talents are found across various fields and demographics, making them valuable assets to any organization.

Managing smart creatives requires a departure from traditional models, focusing on creating an environment that fosters free thinking, innovation, and motivation. By doing so, organizations can unlock the full potential of these exceptional individuals and enable them to make a significant impact on the company's success.

Like a Sports Team, Not a Family

At Civalgo, we consider our team more like a sports team than a family. This perspective allows us to maintain a warm yet performance-driven environment.

Similar to successful sports teams, our team members support and encourage one another. However, our primary focus is on achieving high performance and leveraging internal collaboration to drive external competitiveness.

In a sports team setting, players help each other, but the ultimate goal is exceptional performance. This differs from a family, where unconditional love prevails regardless of an individual's actions or achievements.

Our mission at Civalgo is to collectively change the world in our area of expertise, which requires outstanding performance at every level. We also emphasize honest feedback, enabling our team members to continuously learn, grow, and reach their full potential.

If it's not a "Hell Yes", it's a "No"

Finally, Civalgo prioritizes maintaining a strong culture and exceptional team. We adhere to the "Hell Yes or No" philosophy when hiring, focusing on bringing aboard individuals who truly resonate with our values and vision. We're not just looking for someone who can do the job, but someone who will contribute positively to our culture and team dynamic.

After the final stage of the interviews, we conduct a comprehensive review meeting with our leadership team. Here, we apply the "Hell Yes or No" philosophy in full force. If there's any hesitation, any sense of "they're okay" or "they could do the job," then the answer becomes a definitive "No." We are looking for a resounding "Hell Yes," a feeling of genuine excitement about the prospect of the candidate joining our team.

This approach may seem stringent, and indeed it can be challenging for us who are sometimes eager to fill positions. However, we firmly believe that this rigorous process is essential for maintaining our exceptional team and culture. We understand that we may miss out on some potentially good candidates, but this method also significantly reduces the risk of hiring someone who isn't the right fit for Civalgo.

We are looking for individuals who are not just skilled, but are also passionate, driven, and ready to make a positive impact and take action. These are the "Hell Yes" people we want on our team. We've seen the damage that can be done by compromising on this philosophy, and we are committed to upholding it.

We understand that letting people go is a difficult and unpleasant process. By sticking to our "Hell Yes or No" hiring philosophy, we aim to minimize the need for such actions. We strive to get it right the first time, bringing on board only those individuals who we believe will thrive in our environment and contribute to our collective success.